Downloadable datasets

Media Database includes film or video id, title and year released regardless of whether they include tobacco use. Records are ordered by release date (not by title), and include both published and unpublished records. 

The other databases only include actors or films and videos that have relevant data (i.e., actors who used tobacco).

Full database fast downloads
Downloadable set description Fields included
Media Database - all films and videos in database (codebook) Includes production details and amount of tobacco use
Actor Database - all actors who use tobacco (codebook)
  1. Actor name
  2. Starpower
  3. Tobacco type used (cigar, pipe, etc.)
  4. Depicted age
  5. Gender
  6. Ethnicity and notes (variables)

Tobacco Brand Display (codebook)

  1. Who uses brand
  2. Number of times
  3. Tobacco brand shown
  4. Other brands shown
  5. How depicted
  6. Description of how it was depicted
Anti-tobacco Messages (codebook)
  1. Anti-tobacco message content
  2. Anti-tobacco visual clue
  3. Description