June 18, 2020

R-rating petition adds 22,000 signers in two weeks


In the first two weeks of June 2020, the Smokefree Movies R-rating petition more than doubled the number of signers from 16,000 to 38,000.

The public petition demands an R-rating or TV-MA rating for future entertainment with smoking or vaping. It's aimed at the major movie studios and streaming services, whose trade groups run the ratings.

The updated petition's sudden popularity came after months of COVID-19 lockdowns doubled the number of U.S. streaming viewers, including kids.

Help us get to 50,000 signers in June 2020 

If your organization wants to advance smokefree media, now's the time to promote the R-rating petition on your web site, in social media or your electronic newsletter. (The popular petition site is free and secure.) Choose one of these sample announcements or create your own:

1Send a message Hollywood can't ignore.

Keep kids safe! Join tens of thousands who've signed the UCSF Smokefree Movies petition to keep smoking out of the movies and TV shows that kids see most. Sign the fast-growing petition at now. Movies and TV shows for kids should be safe for kids to watch.

2Ask why kids still see smoking on screen. 

Fifty years ago, the US Congress blocked cigarette advertising on TV and radio. Now it's time to get smoking and vaping promotion out of the movies and TV shows that kids see most. Sign the fast-growing petition at now. Big Media needs to stop delivering millons of kids to Big Tobacco.

UPDATE: Thanks to Truth Initiative, which has offered to boost the R-rating petition in their media channels. If other Smokefree Movies partner organizations take this simple step, we can build numbers fast. 

Ready to make a difference? You've endorsed SFM's goals. Now take action. For the latest data on Hollywood's tobacco footprint, read this blog and view our latest annual report (May 2020). Questions? Email Jonathan Polansky, advisor to UCSF Smokefree Movies. Thanks!