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This page searches all actors who smoked or used other forms of tobacco in films and videos in the database:

  • Top 10: Any film that was in the Top 10 theatrical releases for at least 1 week, which includes about 95% of all ticket sales. Available data 2002 – present
  • Grossed $1M+: Films that grossed at least $1 million in theatrical ticket sales that did not make it into Top 10. Available data 2007– 2019
  • Video (broadcast, cable, streaming): All episodes from 25 episodic video programs most popular with youth an young adults that year. Available data 2017 – 2020

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Title First Name Last Name
Sean Anders Sean Anders
Allison Anders Allison Anders
Brandt Andersen Brandt Andersen
Edward Anderson Edward Anderson
Stephen J. Anderson Stephen J. Anderson
Brad Anderson Brad Anderson
Terry Anderson Terry Anderson
Blake Anderson Blake Anderson
Bob Anderson Bob Anderson
Arabella Anderson Arabella Anderson
Bruce Anderson Bruce Anderson
Darla K. Anderson Darla K. Anderson
Derek Anderson Derek Anderson
Kimberly C. Anderson Kimberly C. Anderson
Don Anderson Don Anderson
Paul Thomas Anderson Paul Thomas Anderson
Robert W. Anderson Robert W. Anderson
Paul W.S. Anderson Paul W.S. Anderson
Erica L. Anderson Erica L. Anderson
Wes Anderson Wes Anderson
Scott Anderson Scott Anderson
Ross Anderson Ross Anderson
J. Todd Anderson J. Todd Anderson
Anthony Anderson Anthony Anderson
Joe Anderson Joe Anderson
Paul Anderson Paul Anderson
Kristen Anderson-Lopez Kristen Anderson-Lopez
Patrik Andersson Patrik Andersson
Henrik Andersson Henrik Andersson
Ajit Andhare Ajit Andhare
Kristian James Andresen Kristian James Andresen
Simón Andreu Simón Andreu
Mark Andrews Mark Andrews
Florence Andrews Florence Andrews
Brett Andrews Brett Andrews
Michael Andrews Michael Andrews
Jesse Andrews Jesse Andrews
David Andrews David Andrews
Naveen Andrews Naveen Andrews
Alexandria Andross Alexandria Andross
Mark Andrus Mark Andrus
Michael Angarano Michael Angarano
Gustavo Angarita Gustavo Angarita
Arthur Angel Arthur Angel
Ray Angelic Ray Angelic
Vincent Angelini Vincent Angelini
Kate Angelo Kate Angelo
Christian Angermayer Christian Angermayer
Mukunda Angulo Mukunda Angulo
Bhagavan Angulo Bhagavan Angulo