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“What’s the single most powerful thing I can do, right now, to protect my kids?” First, get the surprising new facts about America’s #1 killer:

Smoking in movies recruits half of all new teen smokers. Kids get more than half of their exposure to on-screen smoking from kid-rated movies — especially PG-13 films. And studies show that the children of non-smoking parents are most vulnerable of all.

80% of mainstream U.S. movies over the past six years have included smoking. The projected annual death toll from movie smoking? It’s more than from drunk driving, shootings, illicit drugs and HIV/AIDS combined.

That’s why America’s leading health groups want the U.S. movie industry to adopt reasonable, voluntary policies that will cut kids’ exposure in half — and save at least 60,000 lives a year in years to come.

The industry’s response? They want to hear it from America’s parents. Fair enough. Learn more at our fact-filled web site:

Then write directly to Dan Glickman, President, Motion Picture Association of America, 1600 “I” Street NW, Washington, DC 20006.

Or, if you believe in the power of numbers, email us. This is a growing national movement. Let’s work together.

Get smoking out of kid-rated movies.

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