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   China Daily
Chinese NGOs seek official action on top-grossing Viacom film.
At the end of day, no smoking [in an upcoming NBC series] doesn't seem like that big a deal.
   The Takeaway (PRI)
Stan Glantz: Movies are the major place that kids get pro-tobacco media exposure.
   Los Angeles Times
Report: Too many youth-rated films contain harmful images of tobacco use.
   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Seven states spend more subsidizing movies that promote smoking to kids than they spend to fight smoking.
   Think Africa Press
Tobacco companies advertise heavily in youth-friendly magazines, movies and social media in developing countries.
   Huffington Post
National health groups: We call on Netflix and others in entertainment to minimize the mythology around smoking.
   CBS This Morning
Four US senators fired off angry letters to NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
   The Independent (UK)
Smoking on screen is sexy again, but even fake cigarettes have side effects for the actors.
   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Children see celebrities using this product on prime-time television, and at least one cartoon character touts its use.
   The Wall Street Journal
When the company returned her script with no changes, Ms. Marcel said she was speechless.
   Los Angeles Times
Violence is glamorized by pairing it with sex, alcohol and smoking in PG-13 and R-rated films.
   The New York Times
Mr. Allen was unwilling to follow the local guidelines for showing people smoking on film.
   The Wall Street Journal
India’s rules have been in place since 2005 as part of a government effort to curb smoking.
   Press Information Bureau, Government of India
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She smoked constantly throughout the project.
   Los Angeles Times
Lawmakers should “align public film subsidies with public health evidence and goals.”
   The Telegraph
Stubbing out smoking in films aimed at teenagers could help slash youth uptake by up to 18 per cent.
   The Atlantic Monthly
If smoking in a movie meant an R rating, it could reduce adolescent tobacco use by almost twenty percent.
   The New York Times
When a character smokes, is that effectively an advertisement for smoking?
If smoking automatically earned an R rating, the number of youngsters who try cigarettes would drop by 18%.
The film industry has known about the relationship between smoking in movies and kid smoking for years.
   China Daily
Among 40 movies produced in China last year, 28 had smoking scenes.
It is about time to consider such films as indirect tobacco advertising and promotion vehicles.
Kids who saw more tobacco use on film from ages 9 to 14 tended to become regular smokers.
   KQED Radio 'Forum'
UCSF's Stan Glantz and Pam Ling discuss U.S. Surgeon General's report.
   The New York Times
Cigarette and candy girls in cream mini-dresses designed by L'Wren Scott roaming a tented area.
   The Pioneer
India's health minister defends regulations that add on-screen warnings to movies with smoking.
   Financial Times
I note with approval slight nicotine stains on his teeth, a courageous act of defiance for an American film star.
   Daily Mail
Michelle smoked as little as she could even though Marilyn smoked 'a lot.'