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   The Guardian
Cigarettes to be excluded from forthcoming films, including Marvel and Star Wars properties, CEO Bob Iger tells shareholders. Disney has banned smoking in all of its forthcoming movies, unless characters being depicted were historically known for lighting up.
   MTV News
Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark has got some pretty bad habits...but one thing he’s never going to do is light up a cigarette, says Disney; they will “absolutely prohibit” the depiction of smoking in all Disney films with a PG-13 rating or under, including those made by Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm.
   The Hollywood Reporter
Iger was called on to reiterate his pledge of not showing characters smoking on TV or in movies except where necessary for historical accuracy, though one shareholder asked him to go further by asking the MPAA to give an R-rating to movies that include smoking and to rally other studios to support such a measure.
Walt Disney Studios chairman and CEO Bob Iger said that he will “absolutely prohibit” smoking in all Disney films, including those from Marvel Studios, with a PG-13 rating or below, unless it is historically pertinent.
   The New York Times
Fissures revealed by the hacking at Sony Pictures Entertainment have raised the prospect of profound change at one of Hollywood’s oldest institutions: the Motion Picture Association of America.
'This is one of the last forms of media where tobacco use can actually be shown to kids.'
   Global News
Ontario, Canada's Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies is calling for a change in how movies with smoking are rated.
   Edmonton (Canada) Journal
Alberta, Canada, campaign wants smoking in new feature films to prompt an R-rating.
Bolstering a 2011 regulation, a new law would fine producers for tobacco brands and product placement in films.
   Physicians News Digest
Pennsylvania Medical Society wants the AMA to lobby federal agencies to prohibit celebrity endorsements and product placements.
   The New York Times
Shareholders push for progress in limiting cigarette smoking in movies that young people see the most.
   The Wall Street Journal
SmokeStik's product placement in 'Cymbeline' has far-reaching implications for Hollywood and Big Tobacco.
   Yahoo! Canada Finance
"Smoking in movies is one of the last ways that tobacco products are promoted to young people in Canada and this needs to stop."
   The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Despite strict rules against tobacco advertising in Canada, the industry is making its way into movies, including those geared toward teens.
   China Daily
Chinese NGOs seek official action on top-grossing Viacom film.
At the end of day, no smoking [in an upcoming NBC series] doesn't seem like that big a deal.
Survey finds "little progress" in implementing a 2011 order limiting smoking in films and TV programs.
   IBNlive (India)
A romantic movie...subtly drives home tobacco harms and makes a public commitment against onscreen smoking.
   The Takeaway (PRI)
Stan Glantz: Movies are the major place that kids get pro-tobacco media exposure.
   Los Angeles Times
Report: Too many youth-rated films contain harmful images of tobacco use.
   The Philadelphia Inquirer
Seven states spend more subsidizing movies that promote smoking to kids than they spend to fight smoking.
   Think Africa Press
Tobacco companies advertise heavily in youth-friendly magazines, movies and social media in developing countries.
   Huffington Post
National health groups: We call on Netflix and others in entertainment to minimize the mythology around smoking.
   Omaha World-Herald
Eliminating smoking in PG-13 movies would...lower adolescent smoking by as much as 20 percent.
   The Lead (CNN)
Report says that young people are being exposed to 14.9 billion tobacco impressions in youth-rated films.
   CBS This Morning
Four US senators fired off angry letters to NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
   The Independent (UK)
Smoking on screen is sexy again, but even fake cigarettes have side effects for the actors.
   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Children see celebrities using this product on prime-time television, and at least one cartoon character touts its use.
   The Wall Street Journal
When the company returned her script with no changes, Ms. Marcel said she was speechless.
   Los Angeles Times
Violence is glamorized by pairing it with sex, alcohol and smoking in PG-13 and R-rated films.