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   Press Trust of India
Praising the pioneering legislative initiatives made by India and China in protecting non-smokers from smoking imagery in entertainment products, the WHO expert added that "much more needs to be done".
A veteran prop master explains what actors are really inhaling, puffing and snorting on screen.
   The Rush Limbaugh Show
Now, you would think that if Hollywood was really serious about it, a bunch of liberals interested in public health, that they would not make any movies with anybody smoking. So what's up?
   U.S. News
But only films from Argentina showed smoking on screen for a longer time frame than those from the United States.
   The Telegraph
Joanna Lumley, who will reprise the role of Patsy in next year's Absolutely Fabulous movie, said, 'The smoking will be interesting as people are very serious about it now.'
Tobacco in movies is "surely a perverse testimony to the power of product integration on screens both big and ever smaller."
We now know that protecting kids from the influence of smoking in movies today is a key to preventing them from becoming smokers tomorrow.
   Times Colonist (British Columbia)
Smoking portrayed on movie screens had considerable influence in persuading people to smoke. The message was overt and powerful — cool, sophisticated, tough, savvy people smoked.
   Univ. of Toronto News
An Ontario 18A rating for all movies with smoking would avert more than 30,000 tobacco-related deaths and save more than half a billion dollars in healthcare costs, University of Toronto public health researchers say.
'Tobacco in youth-rated movies is an unnecessary liability. This crisis in an opportunity for the company to demonstrate its leadership and its commitment to health.'
   As You Sow
For the first time, shareholders will be informed that the company's products are putting millions of children at risk.
   The Hindu
The warning scroll is an effective way of communicating the dangers of smoking.
   The Hindu
Responding to Bollywood's objections to health warnings, an anti-cancer leader proposes an outright ban on smoking scenes in movies.
Suddenly the fictional world of 'Mad Men' collided with the facts about women's lung and heart health and the array of deadly illnesses linked to women smoking.
   The Times of India
Citing another film poster showing the hero smoking, a Chennai activist reports: "Officials send notices to the filmmakers, but there's no further action after that."
   Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
Disney isn’t alone in creating the stories and images young people watch. We need the other major studios to follow Disney’s example.
   The Hindu
A Delhi healthcare workers group in India objects to a cabinet plan to strip health warnings off cinema scenes of smoking.
   The Times of India
'Removal...will be a big setback to our tobacco control efforts,' said one.
Tamil Nadu group warns that removing the anti-tobacco scrolls from South Indian films will increase the numbers smoking.
   The Hollywood Reporter
Iger was called on to reiterate his pledge of not showing characters smoking on TV or in movies except where necessary for historical accuracy, though one shareholder asked him to go further by asking the MPAA to give an R-rating to movies that include smoking and to rally other studios to support such a measure.
Walt Disney Studios chairman and CEO Bob Iger said that he will “absolutely prohibit” smoking in all Disney films, including those from Marvel Studios, with a PG-13 rating or below, unless it is historically pertinent.
   The Guardian
Cigarettes to be excluded from forthcoming films, including Marvel and Star Wars properties, CEO Bob Iger tells shareholders. Disney has banned smoking in all of its forthcoming movies, unless characters being depicted were historically known for lighting up.
   MTV News
Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark has got some pretty bad habits...but one thing he’s never going to do is light up a cigarette, says Disney; they will “absolutely prohibit” the depiction of smoking in all Disney films with a PG-13 rating or under, including those made by Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm.
   The New York Times
Fissures revealed by the hacking at Sony Pictures Entertainment have raised the prospect of profound change at one of Hollywood’s oldest institutions: the Motion Picture Association of America.
'This is one of the last forms of media where tobacco use can actually be shown to kids.'
   Global News
Ontario, Canada's Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies is calling for a change in how movies with smoking are rated.
   Edmonton (Canada) Journal
Alberta, Canada, campaign wants smoking in new feature films to prompt an R-rating.
   Physicians News Digest
Pennsylvania Medical Society wants the AMA to lobby federal agencies to prohibit celebrity endorsements and product placements.
   The New York Times
Shareholders push for progress in limiting cigarette smoking in movies that young people see the most.
   The Wall Street Journal
SmokeStik's product placement in 'Cymbeline' has far-reaching implications for Hollywood and Big Tobacco.