February 3, 2020

Take our 2020 Oscars® and Smoking Quiz!

1) Of the eighteen movies listed for Oscars in major categories this year, how many include smoking?

   A. 60 percent

   B. 78 percent

   C. 86 percent

   D. 94 percent

2) Of the eight kid-rated movies Oscar-listed, which was the only smokefree movie?

   A. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

   B. Harriet

   C. Little Women

   D. Knives Out

3) Which R-rated film showed the most tobacco incidents?

   A. Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

   B. Joker

   C. 1917

   D. The Irishman

4) Which Oscar-listed film has delivered the most tobacco exposures to moviegoers?

   A. Knives Out

   B. Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

   C. Joker

   D. Ford v Ferrari

5) Which Oscar-listed film mentioned a smoker’s death from lung cancer?

   A. The Two Popes

   B. Marriage Story

   C. The Irishman

   D. Judy

6) Of the 133 characters shown smoking in the nine biographical films, how many actually existed?

   A. 16

   B. 28

   C. 73

   D. 132


For the answers — and more Oscars and Smoking facts and stats — look for the Oscar Quiz in our 2020 Smokefree Movies Action Week kit.