February 18, 2015

Kids launch international "tell-them-your-selfie" campaign

Our latest Smokefree Movies ad ran in Variety on February 17, 2015 and will run in The Hollywood Reporter on February 25, 2015. It supports the grassroots campaign for Smokefree Moves launched by Reality Check New York and the Ontario Coalition for Smoke-Free Movies.

Want Hollywood to rate smoking “R”?
Tell them your selfie!

To make your voice count, go to the SFM Action Kit 2015.

   1) Download and print your “One Little Letter” placard
   2) Snap your selfie with it
   3) Share your position on your favorite social media.

#RateSmokingR hashtag helps spread the word. We've also included #RateSmoking18 placards in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Your “One Little Letter” campaign kit includes bonus material:

   • How smoking are the Oscars?
   • CDC statistics behind "Save a million lives"
   • Hollywood studios' latest tobacco performance
   • Free campaign ads for you to use any way you want...

Snap locally and post globally.
It’s your chance to get in Hollywood's face.