• Youth-rated - movies with MPA rating G, PG, or PG-13 (not R); Videos with TVPG rating TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-PG, or TV-14 (not TV-MA).
  • Total movies with smoking - where field "Does this film contain any tobacco-related imagery?" has answer Yes
  • Top grossing films - films that are in were in the Top 10 for theatrical ticket sales for at least one week (T10 category)
  • Tobacco Incidents (total tobacco incidents field) - sum of all tobacco incidents (smoking cigars, cigarettes, pipes, etc. plus tobacco images, i.e., ash trays or tobacco advertising)
  • Total tickets sold (views) - total theatrical ticket sales / average ticket price for all films
  • Tobacco impressions - number tobacco incidents x views (total tickets sold
  • Films with brands (last column in table) - if there are any values in Tobacco Brand display film is counted as "film with Brand"
  • Smokiest PG-13 movie - movie with highest number of tobacco incidents. If there is a tie, determined by alphabetical A-Z.
  • Powerwall - large display of various tobacco products that are easily visible to customers behind a cashier.

Person page  

  • Score on person page is calculated for All Years / All Ratings / Smoking only movies.
  • How ranking scores are calculated for people
    • The person with the HIGHEST score (smokiest) compared to others in the same category (i.e., producer, director, actor, ...) is assigned a ranking of 1. The second highest score would be 2, and so on. If two people have the SAME scores, they both receive the same ranking. 
  • Tobacco brands for person
    • non-actor - list brand for each movie
    • actor - list brand that this actor smokes 


  • Smokefree producers (or director, writer, editor, prop master...): All producers with 1. at least 2 movies 2. all movies are smokefree