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This page searches all actors who smoked or used other forms of tobacco in films and videos in the database:

  • Top 10: Any film that was in the Top 10 theatrical releases for at least 1 week, which includes about 95% of all ticket sales. Available data 2002 – present
  • Grossed $1M+: Films that grossed at least $1 million in theatrical ticket sales that did not make it into Top 10. Available data 2007– 2019
  • Video (broadcast, cable, streaming): All episodes from 25 episodic video programs most popular with youth an young adults that year. Available data 2017 – 2020

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Title First Name Last Name
Lou Arkoff Lou Arkoff
Jeff Arkuss Jeff Arkuss
Alice Arlen Alice Arlen
Andi Armaganian Andi Armaganian
Tobin Armbrust Tobin Armbrust
Jillian Armenante Jillian Armenante
Neda Armian Neda Armian
Fred Armisen Fred Armisen
Richard Armitage Richard Armitage
Steve Armour Steve Armour
Lorie Arms Lorie Arms
Su Armstrong Su Armstrong
Jesse Armstrong Jesse Armstrong
Scot Armstrong Scot Armstrong
Shayne Armstrong Shayne Armstrong
Curtis Armstrong Curtis Armstrong
Tre Armstrong Tre Armstrong
Vic Armstrong Vic Armstrong
Simon Arnal Simon Arnal
Stefan Arndt Stefan Arndt
Kim Arndt Kim Arndt
Michael Arndt Michael Arndt
Scott Arneman Scott Arneman
Will Arnett Will Arnett
Bonnie Arnold Bonnie Arnold
Susan Arnold Susan Arnold
David A. Arnold David A. Arnold
Mags Arnold Mags Arnold
Joe Arnold Joe Arnold
Zack Arnold Zack Arnold
Darren Aronofsky Darren Aronofsky
Michael Aronov Michael Aronov
Greg Aronowitz Greg Aronowitz
Erika Aronson Erika Aronson
Eric Aronson Eric Aronson
Letty Aronson Letty Aronson
Scott Aronson Scott Aronson
Chandan Arora Chandan Arora
Richmond Arquette Richmond Arquette
Joyce Arrastia Joyce Arrastia
Guillermo Arriaga Guillermo Arriaga
Gemma Arterton Gemma Arterton
Miguel Arteta Miguel Arteta
Wren Arthur Wren Arthur
Brooks Arthur Brooks Arthur
Mary Arthurs Mary Arthurs
Mary Arthurs Mary Arthurs
Nick Arthurs Nick Arthurs
Nick Arthurs Nick Arthurs
George Artope George Artope