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This page searches all actors who smoked or used other forms of tobacco in films and videos in the database:

  • Top 10: Any film that was in the Top 10 theatrical releases for at least 1 week, which includes about 95% of all ticket sales. Available data 2002 – present
  • Grossed $1M+: Films that grossed at least $1 million in theatrical ticket sales that did not make it into Top 10. Available data 2007– 2019
  • Video (broadcast, cable, streaming): All episodes from 25 episodic video programs most popular with youth an young adults that year. Available data 2017 – 2020

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Title First Name Last Name
Lucia Aniello Lucia Aniello
Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston
Conrad Anker Conrad Anker
Shawn Annabel Shawn Annabel
Graham Annable Graham Annable
Jean-Jacques Annaud Jean-Jacques Annaud
Nonso Anozie Nonso Anozie
Julie Ansell Julie Ansell
Nimród Antal Nimród Antal
Charles-Marie Anthonioz Charles-Marie Anthonioz
Marc Anthony Marc Anthony
Steve Antin Steve Antin
Melnik Anton Melnik Anton
Dan Antoniazzi Dan Antoniazzi
Antoinette Antonio Antoinette Antonio
Nick Antosca Nick Antosca
Tariq Anwar Tariq Anwar
Giselle Aouad Giselle Aouad
Judd Apatow Judd Apatow
Iris Apfel Iris Apfel
Jillian Apfelbaum Jillian Apfelbaum
Marco Aponte Marco Aponte
Richard Appel Richard Appel
Josh Appelbaum Josh Appelbaum
Haley Appell Haley Appell
Catherine Apple Catherine Apple
Jeff Apple Jeff Apple
Christina Applegate Christina Applegate
Isaac Aptaker Isaac Aptaker
Michael Apted Michael Apted
Ari Arad Ari Arad
Avi Arad Avi Arad
Jorge Aragon Jorge Aragon
Gregg Araki Gregg Araki
Robert Aramayo Robert Aramayo
David Arata David Arata
Alexandre Arcady Alexandre Arcady
Nikolaj Arcel Nikolaj Arcel
Victoria Arch Victoria Arch
Jim Archer Jim Archer
Véronique Arcouette Véronique Arcouette
Will Areu Will Areu
Ozzie Areu Ozzie Areu
Asia Argento Asia Argento
Mauricio Argüelles Mauricio Argüelles
Nina Arianda Nina Arianda
Moises Arias Moises Arias
Chela Arias Chela Arias
Raj Arjun Raj Arjun
Alan Arkin Alan Arkin