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This page searches all actors who smoked or used other forms of tobacco in films and videos in the database:

  • Top 10: Any film that was in the Top 10 theatrical releases for at least 1 week, which includes about 95% of all ticket sales. Available data 2002 – present
  • Grossed $1M+: Films that grossed at least $1 million in theatrical ticket sales that did not make it into Top 10. Available data 2007– 2019
  • Video (broadcast, cable, streaming): All episodes from 25 episodic video programs most popular with youth an young adults that year. Available data 2017 – 2020

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Title First Name Last Name
Jiri Zucek Jiri Zucek
Paul Zucker Paul Zucker
David Zucker David Zucker
Lauren Zuckerman Lauren Zuckerman
Danny Zuker Danny Zuker
Lucas Jade Zumann Lucas Jade Zumann
Pablo Zumárraga Pablo Zumárraga
Eric Zumbrunnen Eric Zumbrunnen
Harald Zwart Harald Zwart
Alan Zweibel Alan Zweibel
Edward Zwick Edward Zwick
Joel Zwick Joel Zwick
Cody Zwieg Cody Zwieg
Terry Zwigoff Terry Zwigoff
Anne Østerud Anne Østerud
André Øvredal André Øvredal