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   The Guardian
Films which show actors smoking should be classified as unsuitable for children in the same way as those that contain sex and violence, according to a well-funded pressure group.
   The Lancet
Although it may take a few years, Glantz predicts Hollywood will give in.
   Cleveland Plain Dealer
It's not just marketing. It's a sneak attack.
   Los Angeles Times
Why is Hollywood serving a racket that's buried many of its most gifted members?
   USA Today
Surprisingly, cigarette smoking is not factored into determining ratings at all.
   Los Angeles Times
LA County develops ads to counter cigarettes' 'cool' movie image — but few theaters show them.
   Los Angeles Times
Movies influence youngsters to light up, says California state Sen. John Burton, who will hold a hearing.
   The Wall Street Journal
'I'm more concerned about Winona Ryder than about camels and cowboys.'
   USA Today
When it comes to movies, the Marlboro man reigns.
   USA Today
A study by the American Lung Association finds that of 133 movies released 1994-1995, 77 percent showed tobacco use.
The on-screen haze is reviving concerns the tobacco industry is paying for its products to appear in movies.
   Los Angeles Times
Feature films are five times more likely to depict smoking than TV.