Company page

  • If company is in category "Parent media company", summary data is provided for all movies where this company is listed in field "Parent company
  • If company is in category "Studio Distributor", summary data is provided for all movies where this company is listed in field "Indie name". 


  • Youth-rated - Movies with MPA rating G, PG, or PG-13 (not R); Videos with TVPG rating TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-PG, or TV-14 (not TV-MA).
  • Total movies with smoking where field "Does this film contain any tobacco-related imagery?" has answer Yes
  • Top grossing films - films that are in were in the Top 10 for theatrical ticket sales for at least one week (T10 category)
  • Tobacco Incidents (Total tobacco incidents field) - sum of all tobacco incidents (smoking cigars, cigarettes, pipes, etc. plus tobacco images, i.e., ash trays or tobacco advertising)
  • Total tickets sold (views) = Total theatrical ticket sales / average ticket price for all films
  • Tobacco impressions = number tobacco incidents x views (total tickets sold)
  • Films with brands (last column in table) - if there are any values in Tobacco Brand display film is counted as "film with Brand"
  • Smokiest PG-13 movie - movie with highest number of tobacco incidents. If there is a tie, determined by alphabetical A-Z.

Person page  

  • Score on person page is calculated for All Years / All Ratings / Smoking only movies.
  • How ranking scores are calculated for people
    • The person with the HIGHEST score (smokiest) compared to others in the same category (i.e., producer, director, actor, ...) is assigned a ranking of 1. The second highest score would be 2, and so on. If two people have the SAME scores, they both receive the same ranking. 
  • Tobacco brands for person
    • non-actor - list brand for each movie
    • actor - list brand that this actor smokes 

Who is accountable page

  • Score
  • Films - total number of movies by this producer in categories
  • With smoking
  • With brands

Movie page 

Public subsidy is calculated as 18% of production budget for T10 movies released starting with 2010  in subsidy jurisdictions. The algorithm for California is different from other states because of different rules.  While subsidies existed before 2010, we researched them beginning in 2010.  Movies with genre animated are excluded, for example, Frozen. You can see tables with data   here.

  • Tickets sold (Views) - Calculated field, box office total / ticket price for year of release 
  • Tobacco impressions - Total incidents * Tickets sold 


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  • Smokefree producers (or director, writer, editor...): All producers with 1. at least 2 movies 2. all movies are smokefree